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Developing Characters

My first book The Bootlegger's Legacy was loosely based on people very much like myself.  The two main characters of Joe and Mike could have been one of several people in my life.  These were very ordinary people living somewhat boring lives dealing with mundane problems like money and family.  They weren't very happy but didn't really feel like that was a big problem; after all nobody they knew was real happy; it was life. 

The character who was at the heart of the story Pat Allen, the bootlegger, was not like that at all.  He was a larger than life character.  He experienced life as joy not a burden; until it was.  There was also four strong female characters who matched their male counterparts in attitude and morality; with the possible exception of Pat Allen's suffering wife, Bugs. 

All of these characters and most of the people in my books have one thing in common, they are flawed.  Some more so than others, but they have serious faults.  Of course, that should b…

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