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Pre-order Fiction No More now.  This is the third book in the Vincent Malone series.  This is a mystery that has murder as an element but I wouldn't say its a murder mystery.  The story begins with a tragic death in the past due to stupidity and bigotry.  That death was more accident than murder but the results of the death were consequential and tragic for many people.  It is that relationship with the characters that intrigues me--while still writing about a mystery; it is the people that are the driving force behind the story.  Malone is our guide to understanding these flawed people and their motivations.  And of course our guide is also flawed.  Several surprises along the way that will keep you guessing.

The book will be published May 15th but preorder now and get it delivered that first day.

Have a new box set coming out for pre-order May 15th--"Ted Clifton Series Starter Set--3 Murder Mysteries".  This will include the first Pacheco & Chino book, Dog Gone…

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