Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Took a break from writing.  Combination of bad weather and bad health seemed to get me down--so I stopped for awhile.  Dog Gone Lies is now available as e-book and paperback from Amazon.  Entered both The Bootlegger's Legacy and Dog Gone Lies into Amazon's KDP Select program which gives me some advantages in marketing the books.  As a result the e-books are only available on Amazon.

Re-titled the latest Pacheco and Chino book as "Sky High Stakes".  The book should be available in a month or so.  I think this book has a lot more twists and turns then the other book and it was fun to write.   The characters are becoming more developed and their interactions are taking on a familiar pattern of friends dealing with each other during good and bad times.  Hope everyone enjoys reading about these characters as they are becoming "real" too me as I write their stories.