Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Santa Fe Mojo ebook Now Available!

Santa Fe Mojo in now available on amazon.  Click Here

Vincent Malone, an aging legal investigator working in Denver, has had health problems and as a result has lost all of his law firm clients.  He’s a few years away from full retirement and decides to head to Phoenix to look for cheaper housing and a dead-end job.  He has been a legal investigator for over 30 years in Denver after he failed dramatically in Dallas—as an up and coming new attorney he made a drunken decision and invested in a deal that turn out to be illegal.  He lost his law license, beautiful young wife and all of his money.  He went to Denver a broken man and he left Denver years later still a broken man.  Makes a stop in Santa Fe for the night and sees an ad for a senior van driver for a new B&B.  He takes the job and begins to find a new life—even at his advanced age.  He gets pulled into a murder mystery by assisting an ancient gun-slinger lawyer everyone thought was dead, who is the uncle of the baseball player accused of the crime of killing a big shot sports agent.  For Vincent a chance to get his mojo back.

Hope you enjoy!

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Good and Bad

Santa Fe Mojo is about done, really.  Won't bore you with details but there were delays.  Anticipate it will be available for purchase on amazon in a week or two.  Final cover is below:

Just finished two books about an older man at the end of his working days who had experienced a lot of grief, mostly due to his own faults and mistakes: Vincent Malone.  That was right after writing about a young man who was just getting started, although dragging with him a load of emotional baggage: Tommy Jacks.

While writing the Malone stories it struck me that Jacks would be about Vincent's age during the time of the Malone book --2015.  They are different people in their respective tales but could they be similar at the same age and time?   That made me wonder about those two meeting.

Sort of playing with the idea of having the mid-sixty year old characters meet in a new Malone book.  If you have read the Muckraker books you would know a lot about the young Tommy Jacks and then to meet him again many years later in a different setting could be interesting.

Like I said just an idea, who knows if that happens or not.  My creative process follows that pattern a lot.  Come up with ideas kick them around, even on occasion start writing; but then for one reason or another abandon the idea. 

Politics.  No please don't scream, this is NOT a political blog, although I do have my opinions.  Had someone make what I thought was an unusual comment to me about Murder So Wrong.  That person wondered why I made the Republicans the bad guys.  At first I thought the person was joking, I had not made them the bad guys.  But after some exchange it become clear that person saw the book as having a bias against Republicans. 

The basis of Murder So Wrong was things I and my co-author experienced in Oklahoma City in the 1960s and 1970s.  The political parties at that time were a very fluid situation, not like today.  Democrats and Republicans believed different things--but the differences were not all that great.  When writing MSW it never occurred to me that one party was bad and one was good--it was the people who were bad or good.  Although even the good had flaws.  That is the way I remember that time.

But in today's world if you are on the other team then you are the enemy.  Matter of fact I believe it would be very possible that Tommy Jacks could have grown up to be a Republican even though his dad was a staunch Democrat.  People and politics change--sometimes a lot.

Murder So Wrong is a murder mystery set in the 1960s that happens to occur during a political campaign--it is not a political commentary about the politics of 2018.