Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Blue Flower Red Thorns Cover

Quick post for a couple of items.

Blue Flower Red Thorns is getting very close--latest version of the cover below.

Also Sky High Stakes just won a Colorado Independent Publishers Association EVVY award for 2018 in the mystery category.


Saturday, August 25, 2018

Blue Flower Red Thorns Progress Report

Final stages of Blue Flower Red Thorns; the second Vincent Malone Novel, should be published in mid-September.
Blurb describing book:
Southwest mystery set in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Artistic, high strung egos abound as the high-dollar world of contemporary art comes to Santa Fe’s burgeoning art scene.  Fights, feuds, sex, hate, love abound as financial pressures bring into focus competing objectives by an unusual blend of characters; all leading to murder.  One murder but tons of suspects.  Vincent Malone dusts off his legal investigator skills as he is caught in the middle of this classic whodunit.

Not sure what order the next books happen, most likely after Blue Flower Red Thorns will be Fiction No More, but maybe not.  All are in different stages of completion.

Fiction No More—Vincent Malone Novel #3
Mystery writer attending an author’s conference in Santa Fe thinks she is being stalked by a man who has followed her from Chicago.  Vincent Malone comes to the aid of the writer and discovers the stalker thinks the writer knows who killed his father in the 1980s because the authors first book was not fiction but an actual account of that murder.  Archeology, artifacts, and crimes from the past weave into a mysterious plot.

Murder So Final—The Muckraker Mystery Series #3
Oklahoma Governor’s race could be the nastiest ever seen.  Tommy Jacks, political columnist, is right in the middle of dirty politics, murder and corrupt business.  Set against a backdrop of on-going newspaper wars involving almost everyone in Tommy Jacks family is a political race featuring a corrupt oil company thug, a political novice with a good heart and a preacher who should have stayed out of politics.  Oklahoma politics at its worst or maybe best!

Four Corners War---Pacheco & Chino Mystery Series #3
Navajos, Apaches, militias, good sheriffs and bad sheriffs come together in a small town landscape that involves millions in stolen money and a small army of stolen military equipment.  Is this some strange beginning of a Four Corners War?  Nothing seems to be what it should be; as Ray Pacheco and Tyee Chino try to untangle the mix of greedy businessmen, corrupt politicians and a slightly unhinged sheriff along with dead bodies.  

I have been promising to finish Four Corners War for sometime.  This is both a mental block and an obligation.  I will finish this book.  My target is definitely 2019.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Awards, Santa Fe and Food

Will be running a series looking at the writing process in the newsletter.  If you have not subscribed to the newsletter you can go to the web site and sign up www.tedclifton.com.  The first installment will be an interview with Stanley Nelson with a focus on editing and the newspaper business.  Stan is an literary editor and author with experience in the newspaper business and publishing.  And, of course, Stan and I co-authored the Muckraker Series.  This "inside baseball" stuff may not be interesting to everyone but we will try to keep it short and hopefully give a little insight into "The Writing Process".

Santa Fe, New Mexico provides a backdrop for several of my books and, of course, is a important aspect to the story in Santa Fe Mojo.  Included in the next newsletter will be some recommendations from me (with links) for accommodations and restaurants in Santa Fe.  Also my wife and I have really enjoyed attending classes at the Santa Fe School of Cooking.

When you visit Santa Fe you should sign up for classes.  There are all sorts of classes available mostly dealing with southwest cooking.  It is fun, delicious and a great way to meet some local residents and fellow Santa Fe visitors.  Highly recommended.

Just received the news that Sky High Stakes is a finalist for the 2018 CIPA EVVY award.  This is sponsored by Colorado Independent Publishers Association and is a well respected awards program attracting writers from across the country.  In 2016 The Bootlegger's Legacy received this award.  Hopefully Sky High Stakes will win but it is a honor just to be a finalist.  Thanks CIPA!

Blue Flower Red Thorns, the second Vincent Malone book, is reaching the final stages of editing.  Shooting for a mid-September release date (keep in mind I have been wrong about these release dates before).  The central characters for this murder mystery are pulled from the contemporary fine art scene that exists in Santa Fe.  Lots of high-end art galleries in Santa Fe--big business.  Where there is big money there will be greed, egos, sex and maybe murder?