Monday, May 30, 2016

Special Promotion Dog Gone Lies

Had tremendous success over the weekend with a special promotion for Dog Gone Lies on Amazon. Reached the #1 ranking on Amazon for PI-Mysteries, also ranked as high as #2 for Crime-Mysteries.

The promotion part of book publishing is still a mystery to me but with a well proven trial and error method I am finding out what works and what does not.  A little bit more about what does not than I would like.

Still working on P&C#3 Four Corners War.  My completion date is still not set but sometime in early fall should have a new book for you to read.

Playing with the idea of doing a "The Bootlegger's Legacy 2".  The premise will be that Pat Allen's old Cadillac is purchased by a movie prop master (someone who finds and manages props to be used in movies) and he begins to research the car and decides to write a movie script about Pat and Sally. While doing his research he tracks down various people from TBL1.

I am absolutely sure I should finish one book before starting another--but it seems to help me to wonder off a bit and think about something else for awhile and then go back to the other project.  No doubt not a good confession to make that sometimes I get bored with my own writing--I think I should erase that before anyone sees it.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Sky High Stakes--now available on Amazon as e-book

2nd book in the Pacheco & Chino Mystery series is now available on Amazon as an e-book.  Paperback should be available in a few weeks.  You can buy the book from my web site and yeah I get a bit more money that way--very small money.

Sky High Stakes has a more expanded plot than my other books but is still driven by the characters with the same emphasis on the interplay with Ray Pacheco, Tyee Chino and Big Jack.  Several new characters are introduced into their realm--people I think you will be interested in getting to know.

IBPA - Benjamin Franklin Digital Awards

Received some exciting news in the last few days--"The Bootlegger's Legacy" was named Silver Honoree by the Benjamin Franklin Awards.  The award was for the e-book version and is a great honor to receive.