Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Received a 3rd place award from CIPA for Fiction/Mystery & Detective.  Must admit a little disappointment.  But on the other hand it is a nice award and I appreciate CIPA and their respected awards program.  Thanks CIPA!

When I was in grade school in Oklahoma in the 50s I used to get all kinds of awards--these were mostly ribbons which were purchased in bulk.  A lot of people think the participation award is something that happen in the 90s or 00s--not so; it was going full blast in the 50s--it just wasn't resented at that time.  My memories of the awards ceremonies that were held several times a year are all pleasant--after all it was better than being in class.  There never seemed to be any resentment, just a lot of clapping and cheering.

I am sure those memories are being clouded by the fog of age and there were many unpleasant aspects to the awards "for all" concept--I just don't remember them.

The 3rd place finish for the EVVY award is much better than my grade school award for attending and it is much appreciated--but I am human, after all; and my goal was first place--oh well maybe next year!

Go Rockies!

Friday, August 5, 2016

CIPA EVVY 2016 Finalist

Just received word that The Bootlegger's Legacy has been selected as a finalist for the CIPA EVVY Award for the Fiction/Mystery & Detective category.  CIPA stands for Colorado Independent Publishers Association and of course has special meaning to me since I currently reside in Colorado.  The award is open to all authors--not just those living in Colorado. 

They will announce the order of the winners in a few weeks and I will let you know how I did.  Great honor to be named a finalist no matter how it turns out.  Thanks CIPA.