Monday, July 4, 2016

Character flaws?

Just recently did an interview with a publication where they sent me questions to answer.  One of the questions was about how I developed my characters; did I intentionally make them all flawed?  At first I was somewhat intrigued that the questioner would assume they were all flawed, but after only a little thought I realized they were.  Now it might surprise you to learn that I was not immediately aware of that; but it had not crossed my mind.

I like many of these characters (and yes I know they are not real).  Take Ray Pacheco, the retired sheriff featured in the Pacheco and Chino series.  He is honest, fair, has a good nature, hard-working, thoughtful, smart--many, many good qualities; he is also--stubborn, secretive, insecure (mostly in personal relationships), naive in many things, judgmental--yes; all of those and more--in other words he is human.

The character I identify with the most is Joe Meadows, from The Bootlegger's Legacy.  I think he is one of the good guys--but is he flawed; oh yes!  Drinks too much, cusses too much, sometimes lazy, sometimes just a pain to be around--he is flawed.  However the good outweighs the bad. Joe cares about people, cares about values (his --not others),   He is loyal, funny, smart and if given the opportunity will do the right thing.  He could be your best friend--even with his flaws.

Those flawed people are the ones I put into my stories.  I could, if I wanted, make them all perfect--probably would not make for a very interesting story--plus; it would definitely not fit the author.  My books are about flawed people, just like me--and some of those people I hope you enjoy getting to know.

Thanks for reading my books.