Dry Spell

It has been a while since I have posted.  Combination of things contributed to this lack of news; some of that could be my mental block regarding the latest Pacheco and Chino book.  "Four Corners War" was being written many, many months ago.  Matter of fact several chapters were included as a preview in "Sky High Stakes" which was published about a year ago.

So what happened.  Don't really know.  Some personal problems, life getting in the way of writing is a common progress killer.  But it was more than that, I lost focus on the book.  My tendency has been to write quickly with little review until I am done.  This can lead to some "how in the world did I miss that" moments during editing.  For some reason with FCW I took a different approach and was going back and reviewing more as I wrote.  Maybe that contributed; all I really know is I got to a point and stopped writing.  I labored over paragraphs in the time frame I was normally writing chapters.  I enjoy writing but suddenly it was not fun.

During this dry spell I had a new idea for a book.  So rather than beat the poor horse any further, I decided to put FCW on the shelf for a while and write something new.  This book is about the newspaper business and I am co-writing the book with a good friend of mine Stan Nelson.  Stan has been in the newspaper business for many years and will give this book an insight that can only come from that personal experience, plus he is a great writer.

Well for whatever reason the barriers are gone.  We are making terrific progress on this new book.  It will have a journalist perspective with lots of conflict and intrigue from the political world--fun stuff to write and hopefully fun stuff to read.

I will keep you informed, better than I have, about progress on this new book.  The book will be a mystery and will have lots of interesting characters.  Haven't finalized the title but the working title is "Tommy Jacks: Muckraker".


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