Murder So Wrong

The Tommy Jacks: Muckraker series first book Murder So Wrong has moved into the editing/re-write stage.  The completion of the first draft is an exciting step toward a completed book.  Best target date for the book to be published is about two months--so the end of September or beginning of October.

This book occurs in the 1960s and the central theme is a newspaper war between the dominate paper in an urban market against a new start-up rival.  Tommy Jacks is a young, just out of college, journalist who through an unusual set of circumstances is given his own opinion column at the new paper to focus on politics.  He almost immediately stumbles into the murder of the other papers top political reporter.

There is humor, romance, a little nastiness and a few murders.  All taking place within the context of the newspaper feud.  Lots of interesting, colorful characters--some to like; some to hate.

Will keep you advised as we get closer to a definite publishing date.


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