2018 -- Big Year!

2018 is shaping up to be my biggest year yet.  In the next week or so the 2nd Muckraker Series book will be released: Murder So Strange.  Lots of intrigue; and twists and turns in this one.

Also this year the following books will be published:

  • Santa Fe Mojo.  This is the first in the Vincent Malone Mystery series.  This is a throw back to the hard-drinking tough guy PI of yesteryear, but the story is a current day story about that aging investigator and his search for a little calm at the end of his days.  This first book introduces the Blue Door Inn in Santa Fe where Malone has taken a dead-end job as a van driver.  Soon there is a murdered famous sports agent and the suspects are his guests at the Inn who are his professional sports clients.  Lots of fun for me, hope you enjoy this new series.
  • Murder On Account.  This is the third book in the Muckraker Series featuring Tommy Jacks as an enterprising reporter in the 1960's political world of Oklahoma.  This story focuses on the U.S. Senate race with three very interesting candidates.  Tommy Jacks is in the middle of all of the action.
  • Blue Flower Red Thorns.  Second book in the Malone series.  He is still in Santa Fe and finds himself involved with the marijuana business in Durango, Colorado helping the son of two of his co-workers at the Inn.  Also he is trying to solve the disappearance of a newly famous Dutch contemporary artist who is the featured artist at a major art show in a famous Santa Fe art gallery.  Soon death and murder rear their ugly heads.
Definitely has been a busy time for me.  All of these books are in some stage of editing and production except for Blue Flower Red Thorns which I'm currently writing.  Thanks for your support as readers.  If you have not already, it is a great benefit to me to have you review my books on amazon.  Reviews drive sales which is how I survive to write more books.  I would like to say only good reviews but actually your thoughts about the books are welcome even if not five stars (just not as much).


  1. It is indeed a big year for Ted Clifton fans.
    Not just saying that because I had a hand in his latest titles.
    I know you're all out there, and a lot of people are snapping up Murders So Wrong and Strange (to refer to his latest two collectively). Help out and write up those reviews!


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