Delayed But Not Forgotten

It's probably due to my financial background but I'm a notorious planner.  I plan everything.  Does that mean my plans always work--NO! 

Santa Fe Mojo is very close to done.  My plan was to have a pre-order option up by now--hasn't worked out; for lots of reasons, some on me and some due to others. 

Now, due to the delay, I believe I will go straight to publication.  That should be within the next few weeks--definitely before the end of May.

Below is the first draft of a cover.  Have any particular likes or dislikes, let me know.  This is the first draft and changes are already being made--but thought it might be interesting to see the original draft.

And then you can compare it to what it actually ends up being.  Cover designs are important because the first impression is key to people buying on-line.  For on-line sales reviews are the most important and next is probably the cover.

Update on second Vincent Malone Novel.   99% finished with the writing of Blue Flower Red Thorns.  Next steps are several editing phases and then preparing for publication.  Probably pointless to estimate a target date based on my track record but it should be within three months of SFM and hopefully can have a pre-order option on Amazon sometime in July.

Will have a preview of BFRT in the back of SFM.


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