Santa Fe Mojo ebook Now Available!

Santa Fe Mojo in now available on amazon.  Click Here

Vincent Malone, an aging legal investigator working in Denver, has had health problems and as a result has lost all of his law firm clients.  He’s a few years away from full retirement and decides to head to Phoenix to look for cheaper housing and a dead-end job.  He has been a legal investigator for over 30 years in Denver after he failed dramatically in Dallas—as an up and coming new attorney he made a drunken decision and invested in a deal that turn out to be illegal.  He lost his law license, beautiful young wife and all of his money.  He went to Denver a broken man and he left Denver years later still a broken man.  Makes a stop in Santa Fe for the night and sees an ad for a senior van driver for a new B&B.  He takes the job and begins to find a new life—even at his advanced age.  He gets pulled into a murder mystery by assisting an ancient gun-slinger lawyer everyone thought was dead, who is the uncle of the baseball player accused of the crime of killing a big shot sports agent.  For Vincent a chance to get his mojo back.

Hope you enjoy!


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