What's Next?

Still getting inquires about Four Corner Wars.  This is due to the preview in the back of Sky High Stakes and that it states it will be published in 2016.  Oops, kind of missed that one.  I have written before on this blog about my sinking into a mental block regarding this book.  I never finished it.  To break out of the funk I took on another project; which was co-writing the Murder So ....... books with Stanley Nelson.  That worked and I began writing again, but never finished FCW.

I've tried to finish several times but there is still some kind of mental block and of course by now it has been a long time since I was in Ray Pacheco's world.  But with some hesitation I have decided to try and finish this book, as it is the last Pacheco and Chino book. 

My current schedule of books on the visible horizon are as follows:

Future projects:

Murder So Final—The Muckraker Mystery Series #3
Oklahoma Governor’s race could be the nastiest ever seen.  Tommy Jacks, political columnist, is right in the middle of dirty politics, murder and corrupt business.  Set against a backdrop of on-going newspaper wars involving almost everyone in Tommy Jacks family is a political race featuring a corrupt oil company thug, a political novice with a good heart and a preacher who should have stayed out of politics.  Oklahoma politics at its worst or maybe best!

This will be the final book of the Muckraker Series.

Fiction No More—Vincent Malone Novel #3
Mystery writer attending an author’s conference in Santa Fe thinks she is being stalked by a man who has followed her from Chicago.  Vincent Malone comes to the aid of the writer and discovers the stalker thinks the writer knows who killed his father in the 1980s because the authors first book was not fiction but an actual account of that murder.  Archeology, artifacts, and crimes from the past weave into a mysterious plot.

There are at least two more Vincent Malone books scheduled:  Durango Two Step and Run To Noble

Four Corners War---Pacheco & Chino Mystery Series #3
Navajos, Apaches, militias, good sheriffs and bad sheriffs come together in a small town landscape that involves millions in stolen money and a small army of stolen military equipment.  Is this some strange beginning of a Four Corners War?  Nothing seems to be what it should be; as Ray Pacheco and Tyee Chino try to untangle the mix of greedy businessmen, corrupt politicians and a slightly unhinged sheriff along with dead bodies.  

This will be the final book in the Pacheco & Chino Series.

As I have demonstrated with FCW sometimes my plans don't work out--but as of right now this is what I see coming up. 


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