The preliminary work for an audiobook of Santa Fe Mojo has started.  This is new to me so each step has an exciting but cautious feel.  When you write a book, or for that matter when you read it--there is a voice in your head telling the story.  This is of course very customize-able.  As the reader you get to hear the voice you want--it fits your impression of the written words describing the characters and the scene.  I guess to me that is the way it should be--you hear the story in the voice that makes sense to you.  I think that is why reading books is more immersive than say watching a movie or TV.  You help construct a key element of the book in your head--the voice. 

Today the market for audiobooks is reaching the same levels as e-books and the audiobook market is projected to grow substantially larger than written books.  Of course some readers will always prefer to "read" rather than "listen".  But as an indie author I can't ignore this growing market.  So soon my first audiobook will be available. 

The process involves selecting a narrator.  And yes, for sure, I'm not doing the narration.  It might take years for me to get a clean reading of one of my books; and then it most likely would be bad.  So the fist step in this process is to hire someone who knows what they are doing and who sounds "right".  Sounds right is of course very subjective.  So this may take awhile.  My guess at this point, this is probably a three month project to have a completed audiobook, but since I'm new at this there could be delays I can't see right now.  I will keep you informed.  I would appreciate any thoughts you have about audiobooks in general or specific things you have liked or disliked.  Thanks.

Those very words may not mean much--but think about a book tour of book stores only on-line with bloggers who write about books.  The tour will last one week and involve 7 blogs with interviews, reviews of the book and more.  I will be giving interviews discussing my books, writing process and future plans--but never leave home.  (easy way to tour).


Next time your in your local library you might request a paperback copy of one of my books.  Libraries quite often honor these requests (there are easy ways for them to order one or a few books) and it would give you a chance to read the paperback version if you have not.  An actual book has a different feel to me than reading the e-book--plus it helps me sell some more books.  Crass commercialization.  Okay, sorry.


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