Murder So Wrong - Update

New book getting very close.  Looks like publishing date will be around October 16, 2017.  You can go to my web site and sign up for notification of exact date.

A political reporter for the state’s largest newspaper is found dead on State Capitol grounds. It is a very disturbing beginning for Tommy Jacks on his first day as a 1960s newspaper reporter, hired to cover politics.  He soon encounters an eclectic group of characters who bring to life a different world at a different time:  Taylor Albright, legendary gossip-monger and discredited columnist; Ray Jacks, Tommy’s father, an infamous political leader now in state prison; Joe Louongo, slimy lawyer of questionable ethics; Steve Marsh, sportswriter and former famous football star; J.H. Gilmore and his son, Robbie, wealthy and conniving owners of a competing newspaper; Tracy Clark, beautiful TV reporter; and Judy Jackson, gorgeous past playmate of Tommy’s.  A story of the ’60s, full of intrigue, love, and tragedy—Tommy Jacks: Muckraker.


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