New Book--Available Real Soon

Murder So Wrong will be available on Amazon very soon. 

Exactly when, still don't know, but days not weeks.  If you would like to receive an email when the date is fixed go to my web page and sign-up.  Also as a bonus for signing up you will be directed to a listing and description of places in New Mexico featured in Sky High Stakes--A Pacheco and Chino Mystery.

Most fiction is of course just that--made up.  But much about what an author writes is based on some connection with reality; in my case the stories I write all take place in locations where I have lived or spent time.  Sky High Stakes takes place in Ruidoso, New Mexico.  A place I spent a lot of time.  It is an odd mixture of different cultures and people, which I think gives it a unique dynamic and always enjoyed my time spent there.  As such it was easy to write about and I thought provided an interesting background to the story.

If you are one of the first readers of the new book Murder So Wrong remember it is a great benefit for myself and Stanley Nelson if you could take a little time and write a review on Amazon.  Reviews help other readers and unless it's a real stinker it helps the authors.


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