Pacheco and Chino #3

I've recently had some questions about what had happened to Four Corners War.  The easy answer is I got side tracked.  Some of that was personal.  I think I've written before about writing and life sometimes being in conflict.  For a period of time I seemed to lose the ability to write while dealing with other life issues.

After that spell of inactivity I began a new project; Muckraker Mystery's.  This is a series of co-authored books with Stanley Nelson.  The first book Murder So Wrong will be released around November 1st.  There are two other books scheduled in this series at this time.

Once the third Muckraker book is finished I will go back to finish Four Corners War.  That probably puts that books release in late 2018.  That's a big difference to the originally announced completion of late 2016.  It embarrasses me, but it is what it is.  Maybe the lesson here is not to announce a publication date until the book is completed.

I appreciate the inquires people have made about the book and the fact that they want to read it.  Ray Pacheco and Tyee Chino are great characters and I do enjoy telling their stories and I'm pleased people enjoy reading them.


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